The Magic of Mississippi

The Magic of Mississippi

If Alberta is the place to ride your tall bike, then perhaps Mississippi Avenue is a good place to cruise on your Vespa. It feels a bit more urbane with slick boutiques and lofts lining its streets, but the food carts and famous Rebuilding Center remind you that you’re still in Portland. Mississippi is gloriously eclectic, and far enough off the beaten path to make you feel like you’ve stumbled into a world where the city has merged with nature to become something beautiful and new.




Interurban is all about two things: fine cocktails the night before and a hearty brunch the morning after. Even the menu items pull no punches: “Corpse Reviver” or “No Shame 2 Egg Breakfast,” anyone? Keep this place in mind if you find yourself waking up late on a Sunday afternoon.

On a sunny day, nothing beats brunch on the patio at Equinox. There is plenty of space, so it’s a great place to meet up with all your friends. If you’re having trouble feeling motivated to get out of bed, there is a breakfast pillow of puff pastry stuffed with veggies, eggs and cheese waiting for you. Pair it with a hot cup of coffee, and you may find yourself wondering if you’re still dreaming.

For something a bit more spicy, why not head down to Por Que No? Although the flavors are exotic, the restaurant’s owner strives to keep the ingredients local, and his operation sustainable. The company car even uses the discarded non-GMO, fryer oil for fuel. Drop in for happy hour tacos with your friends and soak up the warm, colorful atmosphere.

With a nod to the street’s decidedly southern name, Miss Delta offers all the comfort foods of the South. They’ve got your okra, your grits, and your chicken and waffles, but because this is Portland, they’ve got a few gluten-free and vegetarian versions of their menu items too.

Finally, you can’t write about Mississippi without mentioning The Fresh Pot, the unofficial cultural hub of the street. It’s always bustling and never disappoints when it comes to caffeine or people watching.



If you consider yourself to be a 21st century northwest explorer, trek on in to Animal Traffic to make sure you look every bit the rugged, but fashionable outdoors-person. The walls are lined with vintage cowboy boots, jackets made with Pendleton wool, and rucksacks for adventures of all kinds.

Just down the road you’ll discover Flutter, an artful collection of clutter and randomness. Entering Flutter is like discovering your cool aunt’s attic full of treasures: everything from fashion to housewares alongside a bevvy of fragrances and scented candles to take home and mix up for your own brand of vintage chic.

For the wee sophisticate in your life, journey into Black Wagon. The boutique offers clothing options for children that are as smartly designed as they are wearable. They also have a collection fun and eco-friendly toys. Black Wagon won’t intimidate single patrons, and it’s a great place to find a unique gift that will please moms and dads as much as the kids.

Art and commerce blend beautifully together at Land Gallery. One side is a gallery with a monthly rotation of art that showcases promising newcomers next to a cadre of established artists form the Northwest and beyond. Next door in the retail space you can shop for books, cards, shirts and even socks made by dozens of artists.




At Blue Sky Wellness Studio, you can take a holistic approach to your health care. They offer Naturopathic primary care, Chinese medicine, and chiropractic care alongside acupuncture and massage. Stressful job? You can get your sore back massaged, see a naturopath about that heartburn or get acupuncture for the headache, all under one roof.

The Re-Building Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing resources to help homeowners make affordable and sustainable home repairs. You can drop off or buy recycled building materials in their store, or as about their deconstruction service in lieu of demolition that can salvage up to 80% of a building’s materials. New to all this DIY? They’ve got a class for that!

Ready to find your own Mississippi magic? Get in touch to get started.